Taxi To Changi Airport from Malaysia

How to get to Changi Airport?

Changi International Airport in Singapore or just Changi Airport for the commoner is one of the largest Air transport hubs in Asia. Currently it hold the title of being the best airport of 2015 according to Skytrax. Changi Airport is also one of the busiest in the world by passenger and cargo traffic because of its elite service for the global market.  Malaysia is the neighboring island of Singapore and the home of many theme parks, great hotels and multi-cultural ethnic races of the world. Legoland Theme Park is one of its attractions that you will find in Johor.

Johor Bahru is one of the booming attraction cities in Malaysia and it is 30 to 45 minutes drive from Changi Airport in Singapore. The airport serves more than 100 different airlines that fly over 320 cities in 80 countries and other territories worldwide. An average of 6,600 flights land and or depart from the Changi Airport every week that is also same as about 1 each in every 90 second of the day.

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Transportation To/From Changi Airport

There are lots of ways to get to Changi Airport from Malaysia. Options like the Shuttle Bus, Public Bus, and Private Taxi Service are among the people’s choice that goes to Changi Airport in Singapore. Let’s just find out why.

The Public Buses

There is no Public Bus that can take you guys directly from anywhere in Malaysia or Johor Bahru going to the Changi International Airport in Singapore. You will be needing to make a couple of transfers to finally get on board the shuttle Buses from and to the Changi Airport which is your alternative to the Public bus ride.

The Shuttle Service

Travelling with shuttle service only if you have no option will be a headache for the first-timers especially tourists or guests that are travelling with the whole family. It is undeniably it is really cheaper but you have to get-down the bus couple of times to get yourself a ticket and for the security check in the borders of Singapore and Malaysia. Then you will have to line up in very long queues as it is a requirement of both countries. Not to mention that you will do this with your heavy luggage.

Private Taxi Service

There are travelers who just got it all planned right. The most convenient and comfortable way to travel is by Private Taxi Service to free your mind of worries and lessen your stress during your vacation. We also offer direct pick up from Johor hotel such as Hotel Jen, Hotel Somerset, Mutiara Hotel, Puteri Pacific Hotel, KSL Hotel Resort etc to Changi Airport at affordable rate. Besides that, we also provide taxi service from Mersing Jetty to Changi Airport. Our well experienced drivers will take care of almost everything that you need for you to enjoy your travel in Singapore and Malaysia.

It is time to decide! Call us your private taxi service and ask how to book and plan your travel right. We will definitely give you one smooth ride!