Taxi To A’ Famosa From Singapore

Where is A’ Famosa located?

The fortress of A Famosa is located in Melaka, Malaysia and is surrounded by peaceful rolling hills across a country side known for its fresh air and calm breezes. This popular holiday destination is about 3 hour drive by car or 240 kilometers via the AH2 from Singapore heading to resort. Other land transport such as public bus or shuttle bus are cheaper but it will take more travel time up to four or five hours depending on the specific route taken and traffic conditions.

Things to do in A’ Famosa?

Dating back into the early 1600’s, A Famosa was part of the Portuguese colonial rule. The name comes directly from the then native language of Portuguese and can be translated to mean “The Famous”. A fortress turned luxurious resort is the number one vacation destination in Malaysia for both business as well as leisure. The resort encompasses several venues which include the Animal World Safari, Water World Theme Park, Resort Hotel, Cowboy Town, and Condotel and Villas. The first thing you are sure to notice upon your arrival is how truly massive the resort is, complete with a full scale golf course right inside the premises. No matter what your reasons for visiting, you are sure to have a way to relax and enjoy your stay.

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Food To Eat In A’ Famosa

After years living and working in the area we know the best places to visit for any meal or snack of the day and would love to share this knowledge with you. If you are looking for a western style meal you’ll find just the thing at the Golfer Terrace & Greenview Restaurant. You’ll enjoy the savings at this Ala-carte style buffet. You can also visit Bamboo Steak for a variety of other culinary delights inspired by the western world.

If you’d like to get a bit wild and really experience local cuisine that natives of Malaysia eat every day visit Lakeview. You’ll enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine such as curry beef, rendang, lemak rice and many others. For an experience with Chinese flavours head on over to Huang Di Chinese restaurant for an amazing and genuine meal.

Taxi Service From Singapore To  A’ Famosa

Taking the public bus or shuttle add hours to travel time and other hassle like moving from bus to bus during transfers with your luggage that might have with you. Also with the bus, you’ll be forced to wait in a long line at the border to pass through immigration. The shuttle won’t have as many transfers but you will have a long ride with multiple stops. Besides that, you need to disembark at least once for immigration clearance at Singapore-Johor border.

Who wants to add all of that stress to either side of what should be a relaxing and peaceful trip? offers private transport between Singapore and A’ Famosa with elegant and comfortable MPV car. We aim to reduce the travel time by avoiding the hassle of bus hopping and immigration clearance. With the pick up from your specify location, we help our customers save traveling time and travel comfortably and safely. Customers no need to get off the vehicle and alight with luggage anymore at Singapore checkpoint and Johor Custom. Book online now to enjoy hassle free trip or WhatsApp for more info.