Taxi To Cameron Highlands From Singapore

Where are the Cameron Highlands located?

The Cameron Highlands are a gathering of vibrant green hills covering 275 square miles of land located in Pahang. This province is about 200 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. Via private taxi or own car, you can travel to this retreat area in roughly 6 to 7 hours via AH2. Other modes of transport are available such as public bus or shuttle but travel time will be much longer. You’ll be sure to enjoy the fresh air and local entertainment.

Experience the Food In Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands are well known for fresh air as well as fresh food. You’ll find that most food is grown locally and completely unlike what you find in the city. Depending on where you go or the type of travel you are participating in, you might even have the chance of gathering your own vegetables right from the source. With so many places and items to choose from it can be difficult to decide. We’ve compiled a couple of our favourites to help you get started.

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One of the most popular dishes is known as Steamboat. This hearty meal can be found all over the Cameron Highlands and is truly a meal for a group. While different establishments serve this in various ways most often Steamboat or hot pot is served as ingredients that are then cooked at the table inside a pot of broth or water by the diners themselves. You’ll find an array of different menu items can come with this but some of the more traditional include thinly sliced meats, prawns, fish, poached eggs, noodles, tofu, a variety of vegetables, and a selection of condiments. If traveling with family or a group, this is a meal that will be sure to please everyone.

While in the area we strongly encourage you to try some of the salad. It may seem a little boring at first but this is the best way to truly experience the local fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. Cameron Highlands are celebrated for many of their produced goods, namely strawberries which go perfectly in a number of salad combinations. After trying these farm fresh ingredients you’ll never be able to have a salad the same way again. Another dish that is popular due to the heavy dedication to great ingredients is steamed and grilled corn. You’ll enjoy the simple taste of pearl corn which is both yellow and white in colour. Often this is simply grilled and then spread with fresh butter and a sprinkle of salt.

Private Taxi Service From Singapore To Cameron Highlands

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