Taxi To Johor Senai Airport From Singapore

Where Is Senai Airport Located?

Inside the vibrant landscape of Johor Bahru about 33km North West of the heart of the city is Senai Airport. The airport is known as a prime transportation facility for those traveling from all reaches around the world. For those who want to travel to Pulau Sibu, you can take flight to Senai Airport. After that, hire a private MPV taxi service to Tanjung Leman Jetty. The journey may take about 1 hour & 30 minutes. For those with some extra time before or after their flight, you can shopping at Aeon Indahpura with many retail shops and dining options which is about 10km from the airport. The facility has almost become a small community or city of its own with accommodations, entertainment and more all covering hundreds of acres of land.

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What Options Are Available For Transportation To/From Senai Airport?

Option 1: Public Transportation – Bus

The cheapest and most widely available option for transport in Malaysia is the public bus system. The lower cost and frequent routes often make this a choice for those who live or work in the area. Be aware however that there are quite a few hassles for travellers. You’ll face multiple transfers since most routes are not direct. This also means you’ll have much longer travel time with most trips taking three and four times as long as direct travel methods.

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Option 2: Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is a little more expensive and doesn’t include the hassle of frequent transfers like the bus system but isn’t as widely available. Depending on where you are traveling you may have to combine the shuttle with another mode of transport like the bus or a taxi. Just like the bus, shuttles run on a given route which means your time spent traveling is going to be just as long as the bus. You’ll also need to leave room for delays on either side of your trip.

Option 3: Private Taxi and Car Service

While both the bus system and shuttle service require you to adhere to someone else schedule and route, private taxi service allows you to work around your own needs. While this is the most expensive fiscally of the three transport options it offers the most time saving as well as peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about late arrivals, missing a departure, or hassle with carrying heavy luggage around with you.

Resorts Near Johor Senai Airport

Private Taxi Service From Singapore To Johor Senai International Airport

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