Taxi To Mersing Ferry Terminal (Jeti Penumpang @ Mersing Jetty) From Singapore

Getting To Mersing, Johor From Singapore

Mersing is a small town in Mersing District, located in the Northeast part of Johor in Malaysia. It is most visited by tourist and locales alike for its laid back culture and traditional Malaysian ethnicity and ways are still present when you look around unlike in the city limits. Mersing is accessible by any means of land transportation like public, taxi, private car and private MPV taxi. It is 3 hours 55 min ride or 190.1 km from Singapore via AH18-Jalan Jemaluang-Route 3.

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Why Travelers Go Mersing Ferry Terminal?

People from all over the world are mostly the faces that you will see in Mersing, as it is the main departure point of ferries going to the beautiful and paradise Islands nearby like the Pulau Tioman. The Island of Pulau Tioman is simply nature’s wonder. It has the best beaches, not just in Malaysia or Asia but in the whole world and Times magazine recognized such beauty for many years already.

Having said, the town of Mersing is actually the meeting point of the whole world who wishes going to the beautiful islands nearby. Ferry boats are the only means of transport and can be pre-arranged for group travel or just go with the scheduled trips daily which can be inconvenient sometimes when you miss the departure and have to wait till the next trip that can be hours sometimes. But when you get there I am telling you, you ain’t seen a place like it! Truly God’s creation. Well in fact, we got you a list of our recommended and 7 must-see islands in Johor.

  • Pulau Tioman
  • Pulau Aur
  • Pulau Besar
  • Pulau Pemanggil
  • Pulau Rawa
  • Pulau Tinggi
  • Pulau Sibu

These islands are nearby to each other that have been conceptualized differently for different people and of course their travel budget but the feel is just the same.

Nearby accommodation at Mersing Ferry Terminal

Here are some of the places or hotels that you could stay when in Pulau Tioman Island.

Air Batang is a village couple of kilometers along the shorelines. The beach is popular for travelers who want to travel light just knapsack or backpack. One night of stay in the regular hotels are just around 70 to 90 MYR or $30 Singaporean dollars.

Berjaya Tioman Resort is one of the oldest accommodations here that has the warm feel of the overall stay experience.

Panuba Inn Resort this is just perfect for those travelers who just wanted a place to stay to sleep and where to put their things to. The budget is just right for personal or group accommodation.

Genting Village is also one of the most affordable accommodations and in fact very popular for most Singaporeans and Malaysians who visits the island. The sand of the beaches here is golden in color.

Taxi Services from Singapore to Mersing Ferry Terminal

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