Taxi To Cherating From Singapore

Location of Cherating, Pahang

Cherating is a famous beach resort area in Pahang. It is located at the popular Kampung Cherating and approximately 30km north of Kuantan, Pahang. By land transport, it is just 40-minute drive from Kuantan and 3-hours from Kuala Lumpur. Kampung Cherating is your entrance point to interesting exotic holiday if travel by public transportation from Kuantan to Cherating. Kampung Cherating is a small fishing village with major income coming through backpacker tourism. By air transport, it is just 45-minute from Singapore and 35-minute from Kuala Lumpur.

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Things To Do In Cherating, Pahang

  1. Water Activities

Cherating is exceptionally easy-going and the beach is wide and nice although not as attractive as the beaches on the islands off the East Coast. The main attraction in Cherating is wide sandy beach. You can do some water activities like swimming, yachting, kayaking and river cruising and for sure it is not a good location for diving. Besides that, you can do surfing at Cherating beach during monsoon season.

  1. Visit Turtle Sanctuary

Asia First Club Med is located at Cherating. It is a famous place to spend the holidays with family. Besides that, you can visit the turtle sanctuary which is located next to Asia First Club Med. But before this, you need to register with tour agent or guesthouse and they will inform you when there is a turtle landing. Cherating Turtle Sanctuary is set up to preserve and protect the endangered species like Giant Leatherback turtle. The best time to visit here is between April and August where you can participate in trip that permit you to see the turtles come stranded to place eggs.

  1. Learn Traditional Crafts & Arts

Besides beach activities, you can learn some traditional crafts and arts at some classes offered. You can found pottery, traditional kite with various designs and colours, songket, elegant woodcarvings, fine batik and Pahang silk textiles at Kompleks Krafttangan Kuantan in Kampung Cherating. At here, you could take a trip of this batik-making shop where you could see how to transform the material into Malaysia batik art by using wax and paint.

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Top 5 Food To Eat In Cherating

There are a lot of local delicacies or cuisine you can try here. If you are coming from Singapore, then you should taste the local food. First is Hoi Yin Curry Laksa where it is combination of curry broths with steam cockles, chicken, tofu puffs and bean sprouts. When you taste it, you will feel little sweet, creamy and spicy. Another dish is Ikan Bakar where it is a popular dish is Cherating. It can be cooked into variety style but usually go for tiga rasa and masak sambal petai. Besides that, you can dine at Ah Wah Restaurant to try Assam Fish. It is one of the dish must-order here where the dish is served with charcoal underneath to keep warm. The broth is sour and spicy but refillable.

Taxi Service From Singapore To Cherating, Pahang

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