Taxi To Angry Birds Activity Park (Komtar JBCC) From Singapore

Where is Angry Birds Activity Park of Johor located?

The massive 26 thousand square foot indoor theme park the makes up the Angry birds Activity Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Johor Bahru City Center or more commonly called JBCC. You can access the park through the Johor Bahru immigration and checkpoint via a link bridge, just look for Link 1. Modes of transport to the area include public bus, taxi and private car.

Hotel Near Angry Bird Park Johor

What is so interesting about Angry Birds Activity Park?

As the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, The Angry Bird Activity Park is a family oriented theme park providing a variety of fun and exciting things to see and explore. No matter the age, the whole family is bound to have fun here.

  • Laser Bird Scoot

Head on over to The Danger zone where you can experience the Laser Bird Scoot on top of a scooter you can race around the track.

  • Space Drop Air Bag/Bird Nest Climbing Track

Right nearby you can also face your fears of heights with the Space Drop Air Bag or get climbing at the Bird Nest Climbing Track.

  • Anti-Gravity Trampoline

If you get a thrill from all that activity and want to keep going you must visit the Anti-Gravity Trampoline.

  • Air Parkour Track

You can also leap into the air at Air Parkour track knowing that the foam blocks below will always give you a soft landing.

  • Bird Wire Slack Line

You can also challenge yourself to crossing the Bird Wire Slack Line where you’ll get a real tight rope walking experience.

  • Piggy Shooting Gallery

If you are missing the traditional Angry Bird game, don’t worry – perfect your aim the Piggy Shooting Gallery.

  • Angry Bird Go! Kart Track

For those with a need for speed you will love the Angry Bird Go! Kart Track where you can compete with your friends for first place.

  • CineMine/Balance Bike Lagoon

The fun doesn’t seem to ever stop, you can also head to the south beach area to play video games, watch a movie with the CineMine, or ride the balanced bike at the Balance Bike Lagoon.

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The park is open for 12 hours every day from 10 am to 10 pm with a total of three different four hour sessions. These times are 10 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 5 pm, and finally 6 pm to 10 pm. For parents who want to relax while the kids play you can sit back in the parents lounge. For anyone who enters the park you’ll be instructed to leave your shoes at the entrance and keep your socks on. If you forget socks or you want to really get immersed into the Angry Bird Theme a pair is available for purchase in a variety of sizes and designs.

Private Taxi Service From Singapore To Angry Birds Activity Park, Johor Bahru

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